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Premier Baseball

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Austin Wings a member of Premier Baseball (May/20/2008)

Premier Baseball is an aggregation of baseball organizations that have been in business for a number of years and have achieved a high level of success on the field. Each organization has as its goal, playing the best baseball possible. Premier was formed to assist in that goal. Each organization has the welfare and advancement of its players as its goal. Premier formed to assist in that goal..  Currently, there are 21 organizations that are part of Premier baseball

Premier Baseball is not a league, and at present does not contemplate engaging in league play among its members, although its members are free to engage in league play. The members of Premier will host invitational tournaments whose pools and brackets will be populated by other Premier teams, though not exclusively.

Premier was not formed to compete with other national organizations, nor is its goal to put others out of business or to be divisive in any way. Teams from Premier organizations will play and compete in a number of existing national organizations. Premier is an attempt to meet the needs of its members in what is an ever-changing amateur baseball landscape.